The latest product of UH-1 Bell Military Helicopter

Pacmodels is now again offering a new product that is quite rare. For you collectors who like airplane or helicopter toys, now is your chance to have this very limited new product. Like the previous product, we offer Easy Model brand name toys.

You guys must know very well about the easy model brand. Easy model is one of the hobby toy brands in the form of fighter jets, military weapons, helicopters, airplanes, and others of the highest quality. Easy model is known as the best toy because it guarantees its quality is not cheap like other toys.

The latest product of UH-1 Bell Military Helicopter

The newest product we offer is no longer a jet fighter, but a Bell UH-1 military helicopter. Construction of shapes and colors on this one toy the same as the original helicopter. The price offered on this product ranges from USD $ 95. With these prices guaranteed quality. The panel design, access panel and surface details are very detailed. The details are smooth unlike ordinary toys which are only like stickers.

This one product is known as Bell UH-1C HUEY US ARMY. The material used in the Bell UH-1 helicopter is a 1 to 48 scale polystyrene with a length of 25cm. Dimensions in this toy range from 25x7cm, quite large compared to other fighter jet toys.

This one product purchase does not need to be assembled again, because the purchase has been formed and can be directly played. For those of you who want to display this product, we remind you that the product does not get a stand or display pole.

Rare Quality Products

And this toy is not recommended for children under 14 years. Suitable for collectors who like a quality display toy.

Immediately get or order before the goods run out, because the UH-1C Bell stock is very limited. Place an order by contacting our sales marketing services to process the transaction and product delivery.