Miniature F-16 Fighter Plane For Makassar State University – Expert Staff Coordinator for the Air Force Chief of Staff Marsda TNI Dr. H. Umar Sugeng Hariyono, S.Ip., SE., MM gave a miniature F-16 fighter plane to Makassar State University, which was received directly by the Rector of UNM, Prof. Dr. H. Husain Syam, M.Tp. How can UNM get a miniature fighter? it turns out that who gave a miniature F-16 fighter plane had a former student who is now a military officer with the rank of two stars, the former student gave a gift to his campus for his thanks to UNM.

Furthermore, the Chancellor of UNM also said, when following the lecture process, he was a student who was very diligent and diligent in following all the procedures and provisions in lectures.

Miniature F-16 Fighter Plane For Makassar State University

So it is natural that he can complete his Doctoral Program by getting the Cum Laude title. At the same time delivering him as the Best Graduate of the Graduation of the UNM Doctoral Program. Hopefully with this memento, the relationship between the UNM academic community and the Indonesian Air Force can be established continuously. At the same time it can be a motivator for other Indonesian Air Force officers to be able to continue the Study Program at UNM both in the Masters Program and the S3 Program.

Miniature F16 fighter aircraft made by children of the nation

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Sus Dr. H. Sukardi Paraga, S.Ag., MH said, the submission of the F-16 fighter aircraft would be handed over directly by Marsda TNI Dr. H. Umar Sugeng Hariyono, S.Ip., S.E., MM. However, because at the same time there are activities that can not be abandoned. So he ordered me to submit it to the Chancellor of UNM, at the same time conveying the highest possible apology from Mr. Umar.

F-16 Fighter fighter is a fighter aircraft made by the children of the nation which is again being worked on and will be aired in about 8 years.

The miniature of a fighter aircraft is more than just a figure or display, because the miniature of this aircraft is a symbol that the pride of a fighter aircraft becomes greater.
With the presence of this miniature, everyone can see in more detail of a fighter and provide accurate information without having to look and do direct checks.
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