Online Gambling Agencies Hold a Miniature Designing Competition – An online gambling agent is holding a competition about creativity in designing miniature airplanes and helicopters from used goods. This event was held in a building located in Kuningan and this event was held on Sunday, 15 August 2020. In a speech given by the head of the competition committee, he said that by holding a creativity competition, designing a miniature airplane and helicopter could increase the development of pre-creativity. children.

In addition, by holding this competition, the use of used goods that have been useless goods, becomes useful items and can also channel the creativity of children in the Jakarta area. Furthermore, according to the committee, this competition also aims to train children mentally and foster their love for aviation.

Online Gambling Agencies Hold a Miniature Designing Competition

This first online gambling agent held a creativity competition to design miniature airplanes and helicopters from used goods, followed by schoolchildren in Jakarta. The prize for this competition is a vacation to Bali for five days and four nights for four winners. And for the second and third winners will get a Gadge smartphone with good specifications.

Many of the enthusiasts of this competition came, but the participants who took part had to take a new test, they could join this competition. Because this competition is only for 50 participants and before that they have to take an exam test given by the competition committee.

Parents play online gambling

And usually the children will be accompanied by their parents, so that the competition committee has a solution for parents who come to accompany their children in the race. Parents while waiting for them can play games at online gambling agents, through their smartphones or they can play online gambling games with a computer that has been provided in the waiting room.

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