Miniature Ju87D Fighter P01495

Miniature Ju87D Fighter P01495

Miniature Ju87D Fighter P01495

As you know we provide a variety of interesting products to complement the collection items that you want. Various kinds of toy items ranging from remote control fighter jets, airplanes, military weapons, helicopters and various other toy collections will be provided according to what you are looking for.

Miniature Ju87D Fighter P01495

Finding a hobby toy product is not as easy as you are looking for an ordinary toy. Because usually hobby products are only produced a little by the factory to be used as limited edition goods. And again collection products will usually be more expensive than ordinary toys.

For hobby toy collectors, of course you know very well that the scarcity of products and the sophistication or special design are one of the reasons why the price of a product can be more expensive than ordinary toys.

If we previously offered a fighter jet with a fairly simple model and a remote control for its use, now we will offer a rare miniature JU87D fighter brand Easy Model.

Of course for those of you fighter jet toy lovers know very well about this one brand. Easy model is well known as a high-quality hobby toy brand. Like this type of fighter jet for example. The model and color are similar to the original aircraft. Various panel lines, the surface details are very detailed.

The material used in this Ju87D miniature uses polystyrene whose scale is 1 in 72 with a length of 15cm.

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For those of you who want to display this miniature, you don’t need to bother to provide a stand, because the purchase of this product is complete with a stand or display pole.

Don’t worry about the price, because the price of this product is very affordable. Get it immediately before it runs out because we only provide a few stocks.

For product purchases, you can directly contact the order service at the number listed on the pacmodels site. Or you can place an order via email and follow the transaction guide.…

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